Golden Dragon
Арфа в гробу-это просто рояль...
Или же "Великий Мастер". Или "Воплощение Смерти". Он же Dire Wolf .

Manufacturer Wolf Clan Site #1
Model Prime
Class Assault
Cost 29,350,000 C-bills

Technical specifications
Mass 100 tons
Chassis Titan HX Standard
Armor Compound 12B2 Standard
Engine Starfire 300 XL
Speed 54 km/h
Jump Jets None

Primary Configuration
4 x ER Large Lasers
4 x Medium Pulse Lasers
2 x Ultra Autocannon/5s
1 x LRM-10


The Dire Wolf is one of the OmniMechs that became feared throughout the Inner Sphere during the initial Clan Invasion, and rightly so. The Dire Wolf weighs in at an impressive one hundred tons and has a relatively slow cruising speed of 54 km/h provided by a 300 XL engine. Its speed and armor protection matches that of an Atlas, but it has superior potential firepower with fifty and a half tons of free pod space for weapons and equipment. It is these traits which saw the 'Mech christened Daishi (Japanese for "Great Death") by the criminal underbelly of the Draconis Combine, a name that would be proven grimly accurate time and time again.

The Dire Wolf was the brain-child of the Clan Wolf scientist caste, but was actually first produced by Clan Smoke Jaguar. Hearing rumors that Clan Wolf was developing the "Ultimate Assault OmniMech", the Jaguars won the plans and production rights in a trial that, rumor has it, was fought dishonorably. Production commenced on Huntress in 3010. In 3019, Clan Wolf began production of the OmniMech on Strana Mechty as well; Star Colonel Ulric won a trial of possession to expand manufacture into Clan Wolf. Beyond the limited manufacture of the Dire Wolf on Outreach, all Dire Wolves outside of Clans Smoke Jaguar and Wolf (or the Wolf's Dragoons) are either gifts, isorla, or were acquired through trade.


In its primary configuration, the Dire Wolf carries an extensive long range payload that is backed up by good close combat weapons. The primary long range weapons are four ER Large Lasers which give the Dire Wolf an impressive long range punch. These are backed up by two Ultra Autocannon/5s for even more direct fire capability and an LRM-10 launcher giving the Dire Wolf some indirect fire capabilities. For close combat, the Dire Wolf has a simple yet effective array of four Medium Pulse Lasers.

Alternate Configurations

- Alt Config A - The A configuration of the Dire Wolf is configured to engage its enemies at a variety of ranges. The primary long range weapon carried in this configuration is a Gauss Rifle. This is backed up by three impressive Large Pulse Lasers which are effective at any range. For close combat, the A configuration carries two Streak SRM-6 launchers and for additional defense against incoming missiles it carries an Anti-Missile System.

- Alt. Config. B - The B configuration is armed for long range engagements with four Ultra Autocannon/2s which have a reach of 810 meters and are backed up by a pair of ER PPCs for even greater punch. An LB-X Autocannon/10 provides excellent medium to long range firepower and allows the Dire Wolf B to act in a variety of roles including vehicle hunting and anti-aircraft. For close combat, the B configuration has two Medium Pulse Lasers and an ER Small Laser.

- Alt. Config. C - The C configuration is configured to be highly mobile and flexible. The Dire Wolf C can jump up to ninety meters. The primary weapons carried are a pair of ER PPCs. These are supported by two new ATM 6 launchers which are capable of firing missiles that are intended for short, intermediate, and long ranges. The C configuration also carries four Medium Pulse Lasers and a single shot Streak SRM-4 launcher. The direct fire weapons are all linked to a Targeting Computer, increasing their lethality, and the C configuration is protected from enemy electronic warfare equipment with an ECM Suite.

- Alt. Config. D - This variant mounts two of the largest weapons in the Clan arsenal: the HAG 40. Ten tons of ammunition ensure that the 'Mech will not quickly run out. The uncharacteristically light backup weapons include a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers, a Streak SRM-6, and a single ER Small Laser.

- Alt. Config. H - A simple direct fire configuration of the Dire Wolf, the H configuration carries a pair of Gauss Rifles as its primary long range weaponry. These are backed up by two Heavy Large Lasers for medium to short ranges. Finally, for short range combat, the H configuration has a Medium Pulse Laser and a Flamer. All of this configuration's weapons are linked to a Targeting Computer, increasing their accuracy.

- Alt. Config. S - The S configuration is intended for the close confines of urban and jungle warfare. The S configurations primary weapon is a massive LB-X Autocannon/20 which is capable of disabling most light and medium 'Mechs in a single blast. This is backed up by a single Large Pulse Laser to provide some long range firepower should the Dire Wolf S be caught in the open. Additional short range firepower is provided by five Medium Pulse Lasers and two Streak SRM-4 launchers. Two Anti-Personnel Pods and two Machine Guns provide exceptional anti infantry capabilities. The S configuration has added mobility with three jump jets allowing it to jump up to ninety meters.

- Alt. Config. U - The U configuration is configured for underwater combat. It makes use of the experimental BattleMech HarJel System, MASS, and a trio of UMUs allow it to travel underwater as quickly as it walks on land. The weapons load has been optimized for sub-surface combat as well: A trio of SRT-6 launchers appears in each side torso while each arm mounts an ER PPC and pair of Medium Pulse Lasers. The beam weapons are tied into a Targeting Computer.

- Alt. Config. W - This Wolf's Dragoons variant is effective at both long and short range. For long range, it uses a Gauss Rifle, an ER Large Laser, and an LRM-20. At close range, an Ultra Autocannon/20, ER Small Laser, and a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers provide devastating firepower. Twenty double heat sinks allow the design to almost continually fire all of its weapons.

- Alt. Config. X - This variant carries a Targeting Computer to guide the fire of a Large Pulse Laser, Heavy Medium Laser, twin ER Micro Lasers, an Ultra AC/10 and the solid shot of an LB 5-X autocannon. To provide missile support, the Daishi X carries an ATM 6 with a ton of each ammunition type, a head mounted Streak SRM-2, and an SRM-4 and LRM-15. The SRM-4 and LRM-15 are each equipped with an Artemis IV FCS.

Даже не знал, что этот монстр спосбен нести прыжковые ускорители. А оказывается.. О.о

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